Automatic Cars May Be Coming Soon To A Human

The future of science fiction like getting close! This is what probably occurred when heard about the automatic car. Who's not interested to drive everywhere Harga Yamaha Mio GT Hitam Merah with an automated, let alone the technology used is certainly sophisticated and certainly will affect human life as a whole.

This is an idea that is presented during the TED Conference (Technology Entertainment and Design). Speakers from TED, Sebastian Thrun explained some facts regarding the automatic car, e.g. automatic cars capable of Harga Yamaha R1 Purple running so far claimed 200,000 miles, good navigation ability in day or night, and roads that have a difficult terrain traversed (tested in San Francisco).

In addition, it claimed to have a automatic car technology such as radar, GPS and LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging). The most important of these is the automatic car, according to Thrun, efficiency of computer skills in driving a car, Thrun said, humans are not as good as the computer in terms of driving, such as the occurrence of an accident, it is due to human factors. With this auto car, we simply sit quietly in the back, enjoy the ride, and get home safely and quickly.

But the important thing that should be noted, if the car automatically becomes commonly used, surely it will change the type of car used, laws related to vehicle, namely the obligation to have the latest firmware driver to use car automatic processing, and other changes in our driving habits. Let's hope the automatic car may be realized as soon as possible.
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