Follow The OR2T Concept, Motor ' Artificial ' Four Wheel Yamaha

After showing the concept of 9-MWT * MUWT created from basik MT-01 at the Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha 2015 recently also reported being on a motorcycle that is no longer a three-wheeled, but instead a four-wheeled.

It is named after the four-wheeled motorcycle with a OR2T Concept. Not once this Yamaha created the concept of an innovative concept with arguably the legs out from pakem, year 2007 Yamaha also showcased the Tessarect Concept that has four wheels. But this time, OR2T is above the level of his predecessor and he more towards street-use.

Technology dual-wheel synchronized with each other apparently provide better footing and acceleration when the bulldoze surging hurdles. How to pass the police sleeping with each other taking turns rocking the wheel was not much different from the Yamaha Tricity who recently introduced.

A question of power, as said by Autoevolution some time ago, there is a possibility he will be wearing the machine motor XT1200Z Super Tenere adventure. This has been a long terendus, and not to mention a big surprise for the motor of this concept.

With the use of four wheels, that means double power braking is required, double corner stability and Acceleration so he certainly brings a sense of fun rather than driving two-wheeled motorcycles in General.

Yamaha OR2T will be perched in the ranks of motor-motor concept at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in mid-this month in Milan, Italy

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