Main Cell Phone While Driving Makes The Concentration Of Rupture

You ever drive a vehicle over the telephone, SMS, or doing online activities? From now on, keep the death Sir activities. Because, the only activity makes your concentration is not focused to drive. As a result, you'll be late to respond to Harga New Honda Revo FI hazardous conditions that may lurk in your safety and other road users. If you want to use your mobile phone, we recommend that you pull over and stop for a moment.

Christine Yager, researchers at Texas A M University & Texas Transportation Institute, said at a Reuters driver, fussing with her cell phone will have a dual reaction. The driver is less able to control the vehicle's speed is constant and Harga All New Honda CBR 150R they tend to have the road lanes often veer from the Strip should be. If this occurs in dense traffic conditions, the risk of an accident is getting bigger.

The results obtained from test 42 drivers, aged 16-54 years requested driving while Forget. This test is carried out in a real and not in the simulator. According to Yager, if driving is also involved in the online activities via your mobile phone like access social networking or check email, then the risk is the same harm.

"It's scary to think this happens on our public highways," says Yager.
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