Ryno, Motor Wheel One Eco-Friendly

Unique, cute, don't spend the parking lot, eco-friendly, but still stylish. Perhaps this is for sure a bike embedded on this one. Motorcycle manufacturers Harga Honda megapro FI Warna Hitam Indonesia of Portland, Oregon, United States, Ryno Motors is launching a single-wheeled electric motorcycle Ryno.

The presence of motor vehicles it will compete with other individuals such as Solowheel, Honda's U3-X, Uno and Segway. "This bike is suitable among pedestrians in urban areas, and as a means of transport at close range," wrote Ryno Motors as reported by gizmag.com, Friday, November 4, 2011.

From the look, Ryno is quite unique because it only has one wheel. But all covered with a display of motor sport. The use of larger Harga Honda Blade 125 CW Repsol Edition tires with the sole width, handlebar and cockpit equipped aforementioned impression amplifies the windshield.

Motor weighs 57 pounds of it is driven by an electric motor with a lithium ferro of phosphate. Although he did not mention the capacity of the battery, but Ryno was able to traverse a distance of 48 kilometers in a single battery charge and sped up to 40 kilometers per hour.

Ryno Motors claimed to be optimistic that besutannya will received the motor market. The level of traffic congestion in urban areas are growing worse, the high mobility of the community, as well as the issue of the scarcity of fossil fuels into lighters consumer interest.

Moreover, with its compact size and practical, Ryno does not need a spacious parking area. The plan, the motor dibanderol approximately US $ 3,500 or around Rp 31,44 million.
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