Thailand Floods Receding, Not Production Honda Indonesia Disrupted

Never decline of flooding in Thailand turned out to have an impact on the production of Honda cars in Indonesia. Because, besides the car intact, he brought Harga Yamaha Xeon RC Resmi di Indonesia from the land of the white elephant, Honda Indonesia also incur some components from there.

In the description of the press mentioned the Honda Motor Co. If the flooding in Central and Northern parts of Thailand leads the Honda car production at Honda Automobile (Thailand) co., Ltd. Factory (HATC, Ayutthaya Plant) is interrupted.

As a result of the suspension of the supply of components, production activity stopped HATC since 4 October. To date, Honda has not yet been able to confirm when production activities can be walked back.

In addition, the factory Honda cars in Malaysia, HMSB, have also stopped their production since October 25, due Harga Yamaha New Vixion Edisi Motogp to a lack of supply of components from Thailand. Meanwhile, PT Honda Prospect Motor as the holder of trademark Honda in Indonesia also make adjustments to the levels of their production due to disruption of delivery of components from Thailand.

"Though temporarily adjusted to 1 shift from the previous shift as much as 2. HPM will continue to monitor the situation carefully, while trying everything possible to normalize the level of production in the shortest time-in short, "wrote the HPM.

Honda purchased the whole Honda City sedan, Honda Civic and Honda Accord from Thailand. The third supply model is currently forced to stagnate. Whereas the components imported from Thailand used to Honda Jazz and Honda Freed.
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